ArtScience blog 2018-2020

Nr. 3

The 'Pataphysical Mindset


'Pataphysics is worldbuilding.

'Pataphysics is creating your own logic. Following your own logic.

'Pataphysics is about play. Your play.

Homo ludens universale.

'Pataphysics is about constructing your imagination.

It's about having a big laugh. Being jolly and acting like a child.

'Pataphysics must be taken seriously. It must be taken not too seriously. 

It's about wonder. 

An article from 'The Daily Hidden'

'Pataphysics opens your mind. It opens up your heart.
You become an open human being full of laughter.

'Pataphysics is everything and nothing.

It's your choice.

© October 2018, Daan Westerheide.