ArtScience blog 2018-2020

Nr. 4

Glimpses Into Fantastical Worlds


The sphere continues…


I missed a career opportunity. But it’s not too late. Not too late to become a puppeteer.

A puppeteer that guides the viewer to strange fantastical worlds. My process now involves worldbuilding. How can I get the viewer interested/involved in my art? If I want to create an authentic and fantastical world, how can I invite the viewer to come along?

I started to work on building installations. Subtle and esthetic installations. 

I have three pieces to highlight here right now:


Land of Spherical Trees


Please sit down. I will guide you. No worries. There’s a hole you can look through. Close one of your eyes and let one of your eyes open to see through the pinhole. 

It’s a showcase installation by the way. 

And the inspiration was the painting ‘Solitary and Conjugal Trees’ by Max Ernst. 

What do you see now? A road the leads to somewhere. You can’t really see where it’s heading.

You see two white spheres with a heavy shadow that comes from a distant light from the left. 

The spheres, spherical trees, stand solitary and along the road. The sphere nearest to your eye is blocking some part of the sphere behind it. The road makes a curve in between and disappears altogether after that. No matter how you look you can’t see what lies beyond. 

You are curious what it all means. You remain curious what lies ahead. You remain curious because the puppeteer/operator guides you to this mystical place by manipulating the light reflecting on the spherical trees from your right to the far distance. 

I hope you keep on wondering. 


Secret Room


Please stand behind the white line. Your point of view is fixed now. 


The puppeteer can start now. 

He opens the door of a big closet or small room. 

You can only see the door and a tiny bit from the inside of the space. 

Suddenly but slowly you see a warm light emerging on the surface of the door. The light intensifies and the spot on the door takes shape of a square. It looks like a window but you can’t see through it. You can only wonder about this warm yellowish light and imagine what’s happening inside the space. 

Please don’t forget this is an experiment. A first try-out of an improvisation. Nothing will happen.

Only your mind starts to imagine all kinds of things. Which is good, even if you have to tilt your head to the right a tiny bit to see a little more of the space of where the operator hides. 

Then the he comes out of the space like nothing happened (after slowly turning off the mysterious light) and closes the door without paying attention to you.

It remains a secret. 



Helios’ Morning Ride


Take a seat again. One by one preferably. This requires precision work. 

It’s completely dark. You’re sitting right across the puppeteer/operator. 

But you don’t know that until you notice a tiny warm and orange light coming up in the distance.

The light gets bigger and brighter. 

It’s a lit candle you may think, It’s a sunrise you may think.

It’s a miniature sunrise because you notice the various reflections on the surface of the tables in front of you. The light shines through a frame or maybe even two frames, two openings.

Two vertically framed openings like two doors have opened itself to let the sun shine through.
This sepia light becomes too bright. You turn away or you look towards the reflections on the foil which lies on the table. If you move your head a bit from side to side you sense some movement.

It reminds you of an early morning sunrise over a river. But you’re also reminded of how little you know about the origin of the light and the way it shines towards you. 

You can only see a glimpse of the fantastical beyond. 


You have been invited to see glimpses of new explored worlds.

You may enter. 

© December 2018, Daan Westerheide.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.