ArtScience blog 2018-2020

Nr. 5

Being in the Occult


Occult Spaces

My research proposal for the ArtScience Master course proposed the following question:
what if the universe could be one big exhibition space?

The starting point for my research project the first semester was the concept of a dark museum;
What if a floating light guides you through a pitch black darkness and uncovers art that is hidden in the dark?
Since the first semester I started to work with light and space and uncovering imaginary worlds in which the (moving) light is operated by myself. These (peephole/shoebox) installations were also about depth, perception and catching glimpses of hidden worlds. 


In combination with the dark museum concept and the work I made in the Redeconstruct Media course (see blog #4) I came up with the idea of occult spaces:


For the second semester I want to make a visual installation about sensing/illuminating hidden spaces (the occult).

The work will be about scale, size, uncovering spaces and (dark) space awareness. 


Having a background in filmmaking I want to continue with visual installations.
Here in ArtScience I want to approach the medium film in a different way.
Not film as time, but film as space (in real life).


I want to approach light as a being. As a being-in-space like people and animals.
Therefore a narrative will be important for the installation. 

The light (a tiny floating lamp) is a character who is taking a journey through space. 

It’s illuminating the hidden spaces/worlds.

Like the light, the viewer will be discovering the spaces in space and wonder how spaces are unfolding in front of them.


My research will be about how people interact with space and its scale.
What is the (atmo)sphere of a space? Where and what are the boundaries of spaces?
What is our expectation of a space? How do our trajectories through spaces look like?
How do we move through a (dark) space, what do we see in a space and with what speed and intention?

The big research questions I have for now are:

What role and how big can the performance element be in my work?


How to experience scale in and of hidden spaces?


© January 2019, Daan Westerheide.

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