ArtScience blog 2018-2020

Nr. 8

V  A  C  U  U  M  Y  S  T  I  C  S

ArtScience graduation work 


Model of Vacuumystical Chamber / Cone 

Vacuumystical Chamber or simply Cone is a performative installation for one spectator at a time to experience.


The object, a soundproof cone, is descending to you and it is opening and closing in front of you, it is dancing around you.


Cone is a (non-figurative) object theatre performance whereby acoustic sound is being muted (closed) and 'turned on' (opened up), and thus experienced as a fluid and transient passage in the dark.

Nothingness comes and leaves you, nothingness surrounds you.

Silence and noise are intertwined. 

Currently, the full size Cone is partially constructed. The skeleton is almost ready.

The installation has the shape of a circular cone. It has a height of 180 cm and a diameter of 205 cm. Having these dimensions, a participant can experience the performance by sitting on a low-level stool. 


Why this shape?

Sound evaporates more effectively in curved spaces. Sound waves 'die' in curved corners more harshly than straight corners. 

Cone resembles an anechoic chamber, yet is is moving and it is letting light and sound come through now and then while it ‘dances’.


Cone is a participatory installation. The participant has to surrender him/herself to the ‘dance in the dark’, to the vacuity. 


The Macrocone descends while the Microcone (the light source) ascends into the big cone.

The participant will not see the Macrocone descend but only hear and feel. At the same time he/she will see the Microcone ascend.


Elastic rubber cord for operating the cone; moving up and down and opening and closing from the floor.


The current state of the installation

Little stool or pillow on the ground?

If you sit on a stool you might experience more of the anechoic effect.

If you sit on a pillow on the floor the Chamber might appear grander and more immersive perhaps?


18 meters of soundproof foam to be attached on the inner side of the cone.


A mini light bulb, not an LED, will  be used for the Microcone. Light intensity controlled by a dimmer/remote?

Graduation work in the thesis context:

A Vacuumystical Chamber is a cosmic readymade from The Universe; the cosmic art gallery as presented in my thesis Ars In Vacuo: a conversation with the curator of the Universe. 


A VCD (= Vacuumystical Chamber Dance) occurs in the Sphaera Aeris (airsphere) of the Boötes Gallery. 

Several of these vacuous airy chambers float around in the airsphere. Once the spectonaut gets near to one, it encloses him/her. 

A spacesuit is not needed anymore. 

The sound of the participant's voice doesn't bounce back and when the chamber ascends you can hear the acoustics of the near cosmic surroundings around you.

A full size prototype is being build on Earth that lets you experience this cosmic phenomenon. 

Also a model the size of a big hat that is being presented as an object theatre performance and a diorama have been made on Earth.

These three works are part of the Vacuumystical Variations; bringing Vacuumystics in the atmosphere of planet Earth.

Written by D.O. de Loor. Published in Gap Light - Magazine for Modern ArtSciences, May 2020.


Diorama Vacuumystical Cave

Result presentation video. Watch with CC English subs.