- 1992: Born in Bielefeld, the city that doesn't exist.

- 2015: Bachelor in Design / Audiovisual Media, HKU.

- 2018: Joined the ArtScience master's programme.

- June 2019: Part of the ArtScience group exhibition 'Killing Horizons' at Quartair, The Hague. 


- October 2019: Founded Throne Hall Gallery; a public park as art gallery.

- 2020: Mmus ArtScience, ArtScience Interfaculty / University of the Arts The Hague.

- September 2020 KABK Graduation Show: 

Graduated with 'Vacuumystics', a performative spatial installation wherein the visitor gets enveloped by an invisible soundproof hat. 

- 2021: Started the podcast 'Spectonaut'; an expansion of my ArtScience thesis 'Ars In Vacuo'.