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Prologue - Ghost In A Can


Guess where that sound comes from?
You’ve probably detect it already. I had to turn on my little blue JBL Go again because it shut down. Of course. You come prepared but bluetooth lives a life on its own.
So you’ve probably also seen me with my phone doing something and then all of a sudden…ta da…in front of you on the floor stands a big peanut can (one you can buy at the Autobahn Raststätte) and it makes noise. Or does it?

It’s a simple soundscape made with an effect called ‘pipe ambience’.
You see my hands going towards the can. I hold it with both hands but leave it on its place.
I touch the lid. With my finger I gently push the lid inwardly for a bit. The sound changes slightly. The frequency changes. 

You want to hold it, to touch it, to push it. You may. There you go. Do you feel a presence? It shakes. Something wants to get out. It feels that way, doesn't it?
I want to show you something else. Please move aside.
I turn the can and push it away from you. It rolls over the floor for a while.
You follow the can with your eyes. You follow the noise. You follow a trapped ghost.
The ghost in that peanut can with the red colored lid.
You may laugh. You think it’s silly. Seeing that clumsy can carrying a heavy burden just randomly rolling over the floor.

Now it’s time to act more dangerously.
I open the lid, just a tiny bit. You want to open it, you want to see what’s inside. Not yet you may. I close it as soon as possible.
Once again. No, wait for it. We want to make some music, right? I open the lid again. And close it again. Repeat. And repeat. A rhythm comes to life. A musical ghost sings through space.
The same space you breath.
You enjoy it, do you? Now feel the noise. See the noise. But don’t feast your eyes. We can not let this go on forever.
It must remain a mystery what’s inside, mustn't it? You can imagine, I imagine?

© September 2018, Daan Westerheide.