ArtScience blog 2018-2020

Nr. 1


Can I see Ma? Can I hear Ma? Can I smell Ma? Can I touch Ma? Can I feel Ma?
Can I control Ma?
Is it something I must grasp?

Ma is here and there and everywhere. It’s not somewhere else. It doesn’t appear somewhere or at some moment in time and space. It’s animated space, animated space-time.
I don’t have to make it visible, I don’t have to control it. I do Ma and Ma does me. Soul and soul. Ma is energy that flows everywhere. There are no rules.

We do not create Ma. We pay homage to Ma. 
We work with and for Ma in the physical world and I want to try to find it, search for it...because it’s hidden...or not? I want to play with it. We are playing with it, constantly. 
Does my art become Ma? Or is it just Mawareness? Do I become Maware?
Ma becomes artistic Ma. Or is Ma art itself?
Ma acts in mysterious ways. It has many secrets. It is esoteric, occult, it is science.
It’s a playground. Yes. It is all. Yes.
It hides and yet it is plain visible. Sensible. It’s just full of energy that moves you. 
All we can do is compose an Ode to Ma.

© October 2018, Daan Westerheide.