You’ve stepped into the vacuous darkness but don’t worry,

things will get clarified here.

Float-position yourself to the following items:

Take a look behind the scenes of the Vacuumystical Chamber prototype for the Expo! Tip: turn on the CC.

‘It felt pretty warm considering the cold vacuum of space, this floating chamber.’

- A try-out spectonaut who did the whole Boötes Gallery tour.

Take a look inside the Pavilion and see how the installation will come to life in this space!
Tip: turn on the CC.

'For me this vacuumystical vessel was like a cosmic readymade spaceship without having a destination.'

- A try-out spectonaut who visited the Sphaera Aeris and experienced various VC's in terms of size.

Listen to this spectonaut from the test audience who experienced a Vacuumystical Chamber Dance!

And then I was vacuo-ensnared
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The human made Conestruction of a Vacuumystical Chamber - descending and ascending in action.
Note: you will feel a nice breeze of air coming through when the cone ascends.

Materials: pvc pipes, aluminium tubes, foam panels, black cloth, rope.

Special thanks to artscientists Gabriela Acha, Ilya Lukovnikov and Lianne van Roekel and ArtScience coach Michiel Pijpe for helping with the whole Vacuumystics project. 

Follow the operational stages so you can see how things will unfold inside the Vacuumystics Pavilion:

manual cover.png

Clarification of symbols

VCD Manual.001.png
VCD Manual.002.png
VCD Manual.003.png

Note: using the microcone in the performance is optional.
The microcone accentuates the transition from the horizontal space (mainly caused by the light beam) to the vertical space (the chamber itself coming down and going up vertically) by using a small soft light bulb inside.

Note: adding more light beams directed to the centre is optional. This way the horizontal plane is more apparent in the first stages and misguides the participant more strongly for the later stages.

VCD Manual.004.png
VCD Manual.005.png
VCD Manual.006.png
VCD Manual.007.png
VCD Manual.008.png
VCD Manual.009.png
VCD Manual.010.png
VCD Manual.011.png

Operating Manual pdf

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